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Discussion on PU hard foam copy wood: foaming machine troubleshooting

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I. instructions of automatic cleaning and power cut operation of shooting head
Normal operation
MC solenoid valve and right ball plug valve are closed, in normal operation, press MC button. MC solenoid valve open, set time to stop, MC automatically closed, automatically converted to blowing.
If MC solenoid valve is closed and there is leakage MC, check whether MC solenoid valve core has residue, make it close loosely and clear.
Power part
Open the right plug valve of MC solenoid valve and press the solenoid valve of the cylinder to clean the body by hand. Press button manually and tap for many times, MC will blow out automatically.
Instructions for operation of pressure gauges A and B in the lower half of the main engine
Pump pressure gauge: raw material viscosity and flow speed, pressure along with the transformation, the normal condition, if the pressure is 5 kg, or shot in the operation, if the pressure is less than 5 kg filter cylinder plug, at this time should remove the filter, clean, shoot the way, if the pressure is greater than 5 kg is to adjust the hole plug, at this time should be removed to adjust hole clean or replace new products.
Adjustment hole:
When discharging, the stability of the pressure gauge is controlled by the adjusting hole. For example, when discharging, the rise of A pressure gauge is the small adjustment hole, and the larger adjustment hole shall be replaced. Conversely, when the pressure gauge drops, it is the large adjustment hole, and the smaller adjustment hole shall be replaced.
3. Pressure adjustment
1. The pressure of air compressor, should remain above 7 kg/C ㎡.
2. The foaming machine total air pressure regulator to 7 kg/C ㎡.
3. A and B material barrel pressure control pressure regulating valve, respectively, in general, as long as less than 2 kg/C ㎡.
4. The pipe pressure of material and B barrel should be close to each other.
5. Pressure cleaning barrel, general control in 2.5 KG/C ㎡, not too much.
Cleaning and assembly of filter cylinder
1. Turn off the main switch of the material bucket below the material bucket, and put out the air in the bucket.
2. Stop the feed pump of the pre-cleaned filter cylinder.
Open the filter lid.
4. Remove the filter cylinder for cleaning. (the filter cylinder of material A shall be soaked for about 24 hours with cleaning agent, and shall be dried with air before being loaded into the filter barrel, while the material cylinder of material B shall be cleaned with MC and dried with air before being loaded into the filter barrel).
5. After the o-ring is properly placed, put it into the filter cylinder and then lock the cover.
6. Open the main switch of the material bucket under the material bucket.
Readd the gas.
V. Filling of MC solvent
1. Close the air inlet valve for entering the solvent barrel.
2. Open the vent valve until the pressure drops to zero.
3. Open the solvent charging drum cover and add solvent.
4. Install o-ring and lock the feed cover.
5. Close the pressure relief valve.
6. Open the air inlet valve (note MC solvent should not be too full).
6. Maintenance of mixer and mixing head
1. Before test or after electrical repair, please first confirm whether the direction of the mixer is normal.
2. For each removal of stirring blade, butter should be applied to the thread teeth on the shaft to prevent damage.
3. Please clean as soon as possible after each perfusion, so as not to solidify the raw material on the mixer.
4. If it is difficult to start the mixer or there is abnormal sound, the solidification phenomenon is indicated. The raw materials solidified on the mixer should be replaced and cleared immediately.
5. There are two ways to remove the agitator: after the mixture is burned to ashes, air is used to remove the residue, and the mixer is soaked with the cleaning agent before cleaning.
Fault causes and troubleshooting methods:
Press the feed pump button to start the feed pump motor does not move
The main reason
1. The electromagnetic switch heats up and the switch trips
2. Damage of magnetic switch coil
3. Pressure control gauge pressure
Elimination method
1. Press the reset button of the integrated thermoelectric brake
2. Replace.
3. The top temperature of raw materials shall be increased to increase the safety factor
2: the pump rotates but the feed does not circulate
The main reason
1. Before the filter barrel (material barrel switch) is not turned on
2. Filter screen obstruction
3. Blockage in the pump
Elimination method
1. Open the main switch of the hopper
2. Remove the plug
Three: pressure gauge without pressure pump can not open
The main reason
1. Feed valve or return valve of the feed head shall be closed
2. Uneven temperature of raw material pipe
3. The raw material pipeline is blocked
Elimination method
1. Open the ball valve
2. Heating or increasing the coefficient of pressure control
3. Clear or replace
Four: raw material temperature cannot rise
The main reason
1. Thermostat failure
2. The temperature regulator is set too low
Elimination method
1. Replace or repair
Reset the temperature
5. Inability to perfusion
The main reason
1. Improper filling of solenoid valve
A lack of air pressure
B cylinder is defective and damaged
2. Plug of perfusion nozzle
3. Check whether material pump A and B are open
Elimination method
1. Check the air to make its pressure normal, and check whether the ball valve of air inlet is open
Repair or replace
3, remove
4. Open A and B material pumps
6. Perfusion cannot be stopped
The main reason
1. Improper switching of the filling solenoid valve
2. The press switch of perfusion and injection is not good
Elimination method
1. Improper filling of solenoid valve
2. Check the timer button switch circuit and replace the defective circuit
7: mixing head mixer fails to rotate
The main reason
1. Improper installation of mixing head accessories
2. The mixed motor cannot rotate
A. Electromagnetic switch integrated thermoelectric brake tripping
Bad B motor
C electromagnetic switch is damaged
Crystallization of raw materials in mixing chamber
Elimination method
1. Select "ON"
2, change
3. Remove crystallization of raw materials
4. Re-install it correctly
5. A. press the reply button of the product thermoelectric switch and then press the start switch
B repair or replace
C key the preturn switch in ON position
Solvent can not be cleaned
The main reason
1. Insufficient solvent in solvent drum
2. Insufficient air pressure entering the solvent barrel
3. Solvent pipe ball valve is closed
4. Solenoid valve in solvent pipeline is blocked
Elimination method
1, supply
2. Check the air pressure to make it normal, and check whether the ball valve of air inlet is open
3. Open the ball valve